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WATCH: Chelsea vs. Minnesota Vikings in "Football vs. Football" challenges

As a part of Chelsea's preseason tour of the United States, they'll be heading to Minnesota to play AC Milan on Wednesday, August 3 (early Thursday morning, August 4, in the UK). To prepare, the club have gotten together with the NFL's Minnesota Vikings for a cool video challenge feature called Football vs. Football. The basic idea is for each team to challenge each other to different skills and tasks related to both sports.

The Vikings kicked it off with their wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, challenging the Blues to try and catch an American football one-handed.

Thibaut Courtois, Asmir Begovic, and Cesc Fabregas stepped up and acquitted themselves pretty well for the most part. Begovic obviously has an advantage, using his Canadian roots to look like a natural. T-Bo looks like a prototypical NFL wide receiver, while his catching isn't too great. Meanwhile, Cesc looks like -- well, a soccer player.

Cesc stepped up and sent a return challenge to the Vikings. His challenge is to juggle a ball like a pro.

Vikings kicker, Blair Walsh, accepted the challenge. He proceeded to kinda, sorta, juggle. It's safe to say that catching an American football is a little bit easier than trying to juggle like a professional soccer player.

Who do you think did better? Chelsea or the Vikings?

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