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Bonucci: Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte is The Godfather

Never go against the family.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Leonardo Bonucci probably won't be joining Chelsea anytime soon, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have great praise for his former and our current head coach, Antonio Conte — especially after the recently completed European Championships, which enhanced both of their reputations quite a bit in the eyes of the world football media.

"The players in the Italy team nicknamed him The Godfather. That means when he talks, you listen. You do what he says and you don't argue."

"Players want to listen though."

Bonucci placed the emphasis on "want", and the devotion of Conte's players was evident through the tournament.  Hopefully he will be able to inspire similar commitment and dedication from this Chelsea bunch.

"Conte will be a big success in England, Chelsea are already a very good team, and he will have them challenging both in England and in Europe."

"He likes leaders, he likes big personalities, but he will not stand for players who think they are bigger than him. He is the boss, and if you listen to him and show him respect, you will see he is one of the best bosses in the game."

-Leonardo Bonucci; source: Mirror

Maybe we could still tempt Bonucci to come and follow The Godfather to Chelsea?  It's not too late.  Make him an offer he can't refuse?

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