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English media confirm what Thibaut Courtois already confirmed two months ago

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Over two months ago, even before last season ended, Thibaut Courtois had already stated that he's staying at Chelsea.  And it wasn't even ambigious, as many of Courtois's public quotes tend to be.  It's was entirely unambigious.  '100 per cent' staying at Chelsea.

"... I am happy at Chelsea."

"I have a contract for three years, so I will say 100 per cent [I'm staying at Chelsea]. Rumours affect any club where things are going badly. People think the top players want to leave because they are not in the Champions League."

-Thibaut Courtois; May 3, 2016

In the intervening days and weeks, the media have done what media do, and tried very hard to make it seem like Courtois could be leaving.  We were even made to believe that we'd be silly enough to keep a goalkeeper coach against the wishes of our long-term number one goalkeeper, the one shining example of how we can use the loan system to develop players for the first team, the one definite, proven gem among the many youngsters the club hoovers up each and every summer.

In any case, here's the Daily Mail to tell you that, in fact, Thibaut Courtois will be staying at Chelsea and will remain the first-choice goalkeeper for Antonio Conte.  Surprise!

In related news, said goalkeeper coach, Christophe Lollichon may actually be staying on with Chelsea, albeit in a different, non-coaching role.  That sounds a bit awkward to me, but they're all professionals, and the whole discord between him and Courtois has probably been blown well out of proportion anyway.  Conte's preferred man Gianluigi Spinelli is supposedly the new man coming in.

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