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WATCH: How much does Eden Hazard know about America?

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Let's find out.

Preseason is underway which means that players are filing into training camp for Chelsea. It also means that all the sweet Chelsea TV content starts ramping up once again. They've begun a series of quizzes that tests players knowledge of the United States and American culture in preparation for the club's preseason tour.

Asmir Begovic was the first to take the quiz. This week it's Eden Hazard's turn to be grilled about Chelsea's ties to MLS, general American soccer questions, and just general trivia about the USA's history.

All-in-all, Eden does pretty well. He was tripped up by a few questions like the World Cup being hosted in 1994 by the USA. He also didn't know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California. Although, it's not the 1990s (he was popular then, right?) anymore, you can't really blame him for not knowing that.

The club will play three friendlies in the U.S. this summer, beginning in Pasadena, California against Liverpool on July 28.