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The Daily Hilario: The Girl With All The Gifts

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Please excuse the tardiness of the Hilario, I just finished a 15-hour road trip.

The audiobook of choice for this trip was The Girl With All The Gifts, a bit of dystopian YA sci-fi, and it certainly made for a good enough companion for 13 hours over the return trip.  A bit uneven, and a bit rushed at the end, but otherwise well written, really well read, engaging yet simple enough for driving.

It's also soon to be a movie, which is where I heard about it first.  Now the warning I got for this trailer was to read the book first, which is what I did (essentially).  I watched the trailer just now for the first time.  So I'm giving the same warning; if you have any inkling of reading the book, please do so before watching the trailer that reveals far too many details rather than just going for an overall feel and tease as good trailers should.

Also, happy Amazon Prime Day!

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