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Chelsea 2016-17 away kit revealed, third kit leaked

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Pre-season is officially underway, and with it, the new away kits have been revealed by the club as well.  Unsurprisingly, they match exactly the leaks we saw a month ago.  Which also means that they are just as garish as feared.

My previous objections to this kit still stand.  I dig the hoops, but it appears that they don't actually wrap around the body.  So half-hoops?  And the bright shoulder stripes really don't fit with the rest.

The official press release from adidas claims that the new kits "combine the strong traditions of a proud club and it‘s renewed commitment to become the best once more" and throws words around like "disruptive" and "fresh".  Well, they are a bit stinky indeed.

A new picture of the third kit surfaced as well, and it also matches the previous leak.  So how's a plain white t-shirt disruptive, adidas?

The away kits are on sale now and will be worn for the first time on July 30th, in the friendly against Real Madrid.