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WATCH: Former Chelsea midfielder Ramires loses his cool, tries to attack referee

Former Chelsea midfielder Ramires's adventures in the Chinese Super League took a turn for the bizarre on Saturday, when he was sent off after the final whistle of Jiangsu's 2-1 loss to Shandong and then tried to attack the referee.  I've yet to figure out the entire context of the video that surfaced of the incident, but regardless of what or why this all happened, this is not a good look for Ramires.

Note that at the start of the video, it's the referee himself who's being restrained.  He then breaks free, runs up to Ramires (who's also being held by a teammate) and brandishes the red card.  This sets off the former Chelsea man and it's only thanks to the incredible tensile strength of his shirt and the iron grip of some coach that he's prevented from attacking the referee.

Perhaps it was just frustrations from losing to bottom of the table Shandong, Jiangsu's second loss in three games dropping them well behind top of the table Guangzhou.  Perhaps it was something more.  Either way, it's all a bit bizarre from the normally mild-mannered midfielder.

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