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Fiorentina ready to proceed to 'next level of justice' with appeal against FIFA ruling on Chelsea-Salah drama

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

If you're Fiorentina, it's time to upgrade justice!  FIFA justice?  Meh.  Not justicey enough!  It's time to level up.  It's time for... TAS justice!  Ba-BAM.  So much justice, you can swim in it.

As we figured yesterday when FIFA announced their decision to reject Fiorentina's claims over the whole Salah shenanigans last summer, the Italian club have now lodged an appeal with the Tribunal of Arbitration for Sport (TAS or CAS if you use Court instead of Tribunal).

"Today, FIFA informed Fiorentina that the petition filled by the company regarding Chelsea/Salah dispute has not been accepted. So Fiorentina will proceed to the next level of justice by appealing to TAS."

-Fiorentina statement; source: King Fut

The arbitration hearings don't exactly move at lightning speed either, so this thing is set to drag on for a while longer.  I suppose that's not all that surprising; we're still looking for some sort of compensation from the Adrian Mutu breach of contract incident twelve years after the fact.