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Chelsea youngster Islam Feruz continues to make poor decisions as Glasgow Sheriff issues arrest warrant

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Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Perhaps it's not our place to judge without hearing both sides of the story, but it sure sounds like Chelsea youngster Islam Feruz has made yet another bad decision -- a series of bad decisions, in fact -- which have landed him in hot water with Scottish authorities.

It all began back in September while on loan at Hibs.  Apparently banned from driving, Feruz was caught anyway behind the wheel of his car by Glasgow police.  To make matters worse, he was driving without insurance and gave a false name when questioned thus adding an attempt to pervert the course of justice to his growing list of offences.

After all that, as if that wasn't enough, he failed to appear for his court date on Wednesday, leaving Glasgow Sheriff no choice but to issue a warrant for his arrest.  According to Feruz's lawyer, whose motion to adjourn the trial was refused, the 20-year-old was too busy training in Tanzania (Tanzania?!) to show up.

Given Feruz's recent history of odd career choices, plus whatever it was that occurred at Blackpool, he's acquired quite a reputation of being a problem child.  He went to Hibs with the expressed purpose of getting his career back on track, shedding his bad-boy image, and putting all the drama behind him.  Safe to say that didn't go quite to plan.  He had been back training at Chelsea since February.

Once a highly touted and coveted prospect who experienced plenty of success at Chelsea youth levels, this latest episode certainly isn't going to improve that bad-boy reputation.