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Chelsea, Wimbledon exchange contracts on stadium sale

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Ker Robertson/Getty Images

In a move that seemed to take ages to materialize, Chelsea and AFC Wimbledon have finally moved on to the next step of their deal regarding Chelsea's purchase of Kingsmeadow Stadium.  On Tuesday, the two teams "exchanged contracts" — i.e. the agreement is now legally binding but NOT complete — and now the only thing holding up the deal is Wimbledon obtaining planning permission for their new stadium at Plough Lane.

As we know with the Stamford Bridge redevelopment, that step isn't exactly quick either, and there have been additional complications there already.  Merton council approved the new stadium, but a neighboring one did not, so now a new consultation has to be done and then, if mankind is still alive, Wimbledon just might be able to build their stadium.  The Dons appear hopeful of a positive resolution.

Chelsea have already paid a £600k deposit and the total purchase price is set to be somewhere around £2m.  The Blues intend to use the stadium for the youth teams and as the home ground of Chelsea Ladies Football Club.  Someday soon, hopefully.