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Despite progress, no date set for Zouma's return from ACL injury

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are some of the worst and most impactful that any football player can suffer, with a minimum recovery time anywhere from six to nine months in most cases, but some extending well beyond a year.  (And some affecting whole careers afterwards.)

Zouma broke himself back in February, so at best, he's not expected back until after the first few weeks of the season.  But while his rehab seems to be progressing well, with periodic and promising updates posted by the kid himself on Instagram, he doesn't yet have any idea when he might be back.

"I don't know when I'll be back out on the pitch but everything's going well. I'm kicking the ball around a bit, I'm not in any pain and I feel good. I hope [I can be back before the New Year], I think I've got enough time to be ready. But I don't have a precise date."

-Kurt Zouma; source: Sun via Evening Standard

That sounds somewhat ominous but it's also a fairly realistic timeline.  Back playing for the first-team before the end of the calendar would put his recovery around nine-ten months, which is still a really good outcome for an ACL tear.

Until then, be sure to watch the video above (h/t: Justbanter) as a reminder of the gloriousness that is Kurt Zouma.