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Pedro: 'We look forward to doing something big' next season

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

After spending a decade at Barcelona, Pedro has certainly grown used to winning major trophies on a constant and consistent basis. But with his role diminishing in the face of the holy trinity of Messi-Neymar-Suarez, he wanted something new.  Arriving in time for the worst Chelsea season in two decades, Pedro certainly got his challenge.

"It's been a very strange year, for everyone. It was a very difficult situation. Imagine it - you arrive and it seems like everything's going well, I got a goal on my debut, but then you start on a very negative dynamic. We put ourselves on a decline and then a lot of things changed from there."

"They sack the boss, a new one comes in, there is a lot of uncertainty. The players didn't really know what to do, we all came together in the dressing room and we tried to pull together to go forward. In the end, we were able to shift the situation a little but we didn't get back to where we wanted to be, where we should be."

No regrets though, as he's mentioned before.

"Of course I miss Barça. I had many years there, I felt very loved on the street. I've had the best moments of my career there and I really miss it. But I do not regret going [to Chelsea]. I'm very comfortable, it's a great club."

"It's been hard because a change is always tough for a player at the start. You start from scratch, in a new league, new team, new language, new culture. But my team-mates helped me a lot. We look forward to doing something big."

-Pedro; source: Mundo Deportivo

It hasn't been an easy year for anyone involved, but hopefully the bad experiences will push everyone at the club towards bigger and better things in the future.

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