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No, he did not get fat overnight: Willian shows off his chiseled abs

The Internet can be a very stupid place.  Here's a video that popped up a few days ago, playing on our fears of our players once again letting themselves go and getting fat and out of shape this summer.  To give this the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it was intended as tongue in cheek.  But thanks to the way lowest common denominators work, such nuance is quickly lost once the Internet gets a hold of it.

Now, it should be said that Willian won't ever be confused for Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale or any of these other shiny muscled gods of both the pitch and the gym.  But he also won't be confused for Ronaldo (the original and only) or Adriano or any other such infamous cases.

The video above is clearly distorted, as anyone who's ever watched a standard definition broadcast on an HDTV can attest to.  Just look at the ball! This didn't stop the video making the rounds not just on Twitter and Reddit but in tabloids like The Sun as well.  As if it were even physically possible to gain that much weight in such a short amount of time since the end of the season!

In any case, whether in direct response to this nonsense or not, Willian took to Instagram to show off.

training. #selecaobrasileira #treino #CopaAmerica #W19 foto: @rafaelribeirorio

A photo posted by Willian Borges Da Silva (@willianborges88) on

Flexin' like a boss!

Carry on.

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