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Antonio Conte saying all the right things before Chelsea takeover

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

We often talk about new or young players "saying all the right things" when demonstrating good and promising qualities, such as hard work, patience, dedication, determination, ambition within reason and realistic expectations.  With a new manager coming in, we get to talk about Antonio Conte "saying all the right things", with regards to his English lessons and his plans for the club and the underachieving squad from last season.

"My English is improving because I'm studying. Before, I studied a lot, but now I'm focused with the national team because we're preparing for these Euros in the right way, with intensity. I like the verb, 'to fight'."

"Carlo was my coach for two seasons in Juventus and a great brother for me. But we are two different coaches and we live the match in two different ways. I want to play with my players. I want my players to feel me very close. I suffer and I win with them."

-Antonio Conte; Source: BBC

Conte's under pressure in his homeland thanks to what's looking like a weaker than normal Italy squad for Euro 2016.  Part of that is due to injuries (e.g.: Marco Verratti), part of that is due to player's choices (e.g.: Andrea Pirlo going on paid vacation to MLS), and part of that is due to the coach himself and the strategy he's devised for the team.  These quotes may not be about Chelsea, but they reveal a great deal about the man himself.

"[Verratti] is the best young player in the national team and a player with great international experience with Paris St-Germain. The other young players are very, very good, but without international experience. It's very, very difficult to find strong young players. For this reason, we are working hard to become a good squad."

"It's important for the players to feel your trust in them. We know this is a moment that is difficult for us, but together we can overcome these difficulties."

"Andrea Pirlo is a great player. I had him for three years in Juventus and we won a lot with him. I'm very affectionate to him. But I know that in this moment, I have to find the right choice for Italy and not for my heart. I'm not happy that Andrea isn't here, but this is life and we must continue."

"It's very important to have an identity and when the other countries see our team, I want them to recognise our identity. I like to play offensive football and attractive football with great intensity. I like the players to transfer great emotion to our fans."

"I always think of the verb, win. Most people use this verb in a very simple way, but to win is very, very difficult. It's not for all."

"It's a tough road and along this road there are sacrifices and hard work. I'm a perfectionist in training, and in life, and I want the best for me and for the people who work with me."

-Antonio Conte; source: BBC

To fight.  To win.  As a team.  Lads, it's time to stop being sh*t.

Or as Joe put it in his brilliant feature about Conte back in February:

"His will to win, drive, determination and ferocity are qualities that lend themselves to Special One comparisons. Unlike the post-Madrid version of Mourinho, who appeared tired and not quite as we remembered, Conte does not seem to antagonise his squad in the same fashion. The contrary is more likely to happen; Conte seems to breed confidence and inspire his players."

"This is a man who is obsessed with football: tactics, patterns of play and most importantly his players."

Forza Chelsea!

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