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Ruben Loftus-Cheek proves that lightning does strike twice, literally

Wherein we learn that lightning is no joke, actually.

Here's a scary surreal Surrey story that we can talk about with some levity as it would appear that no one actually got hurt, though there was extensive damage to (insured) property and possessions.

Two weeks ago, Ruben Loftus-Cheek's home was struck by lightning, the bolt hitting an antenna on an outbuilding that contained a bedroom, a garage, and a gym.  Fortunately, only one family member was at home at the time, and he was in the main part of the house away from the suddenly on-fire building.  Yes, the roof was literally on fire.  Firefighters battled for almost six hours, but could not save the building and the bedroom (and its contents) from substantial damage.

"The main thing is that no one was hurt, all the other things don't matter. I thank God no one was in there at the time. We have insurance so it's just the inconvenience and a lot of hassle for everybody."

-Ms Juliette Cheek; source: Get Surrey

One engineer who was looking at the building thinks it may have even been hit a few days prior (knocking out the alarm but doing no other damage), but here's the kicker, this is definitely not the first (or maybe even second) time the Cheeks experienced a lightning strike.  Eleven years ago, Ms Cheek and her three sons were hit by lightning while watching a storm from their home in Kent.

A bolt hit the metal window frame, sending its force through mother Juliette Cheek and on through her three children who she was holding at the time.

-source: Get Surrey

Clearly this can only mean one thing.  Loftus-Cheek is a Horcrux, the boy who lived, carrying with him a piece of the soul of he-who-shall-not-be-named-because-he's-now-at-Manchester United.

(I'm also going to have to keep this in mind next time I grumble that something gets canceled or postponed due to lightning. It's no joke, apparently! Also, be sure to put a lightning rod on your house.)

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