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WATCH: Antonio Conte shouts, dances, and climbs on dugouts as Italy beats Spain

If Chelsea TV are smart, they will have a dedicated Conte-cam next season. The man is worth the price of admission by himself. When he says that he "lives every moment" of the game with his players, he's not lying.

Not even a bit of a downpour could put a damper on his passion on Monday, though he did wisely don a ball-cap and a rain-jacket for a bit. Obviously rain would never hurt him, but it's important to be pragmatic and not let that expensive Italian wool get ruined for no reason.

Are the Premier League's fourth officials ready for this? Imagine both Conte and Klopp on the same sideline! And if you're the coach in charge of relaying substitutions to the fourth official and getting the LED board ready, you better be on your game when the boss starts yelling 'cambio!'.

Be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end, when Conte decides that the ground and the coach's box was no longer enough to contain him and he pulled himself up above the dugout to celebrate with the fans.

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