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Today in OMG DID YOU SEE HIS HAIR BUY BUY BUY: Internazionale's Ivan Perišić

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

In truth, this should've been written after Croatia's win against Spain in the final match of the group stage, where the Inter Milan winger took his biggest star turn.  He was a constant thorn in the side of a full-strength Spain, creating Croatia's first and then scoring the winner late in the second half.

Perišić was named in most people's "Team of the Group Stages", for whatever such things are worth.  Unfortunately for both him and Croatia, he was not nearly as effective against Portugal in the Round of 16 in what was easily one of the worst games we've had the "pleasure" to watch for quite some time.  Portugal snatched a winner just minutes before the end of extra time, too, denying us even the pleasurable drama of a penalty kick shootout.

But Perišić did make one notable contribution to footballing lore.

Favorite answers to that question include "get a refund" and "fell asleep drunk".  I'd like to also submit "best since SPIDAH".

Perišić, who seemingly has a habit of carving things in his hair, has been linked (fairly tenuously) with Chelsea a couple times recently.  He's not exactly what Chelsea need; he's not even vaguely what Chelsea need; but our hair-game has been lacking since the likes of Kalou, Meireles, and David Luiz left the club.

Croatia may be going home a bit earlier than expected after winning their group, but Perišić certainly did not harm to his own reputation.  If he's truly looking to leave Inter, he will no doubt have plenty of takers.  Chelsea will probably be mentioned at least as a negotiating tactic, as it tends to happen in most big-name transfers.

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