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Chelsea set minimum expectations for Antonio Conte's first season

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Back in my younger days, I used to be quite an avid player of a little game called Football Manager (at the time still called Champions Manager), where the start of the new season was always marked by the virtual board announcing their expectations for the next 12 months.  In later iterations of the game, you could negotiate these expectations and they'd in-turn set your budget for the upcoming year, but back in CM 01/02, it was just presented to you as fact and you either lived up to them or not.  Unlike in the more modern versions where you can track the board's level of confidence, back in those days, the sack often came out of nowhere.  It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, both in real and virtual football management.

Apparently, Antonio Conte has now been presented with this screen in his soon to be oh-so-very-real Chelsea career as well.  According to the Daily Mail, it reads:

Antonio Conte has been told his mission will be to drag Chelsea back into the Champions League.  [The Board] have informed Conte they expect the club to 'remain relevant' in the title race going into the final weeks of the Premier League season and that a top-four finish is a priority.


Conte's remit is straightforward, and he will be backed in the transfer market, although there is a belief that wholesale changes are not necessary.  The aim is to ensure that last season was a one-off and there is confidence Conte can deliver.

-source: Daily Mail

Certainly nothing shocking in these expectations, nor in the idea that Chelsea would back the current squad to do better than last season.  A couple key signings, first and foremost of which will be the new manager, and Chelsea should be back to where we belong.