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Outgoing Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink might not be retiring from football management after all — report

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Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Even though just last month he was still Chelsea manager, Guus Hiddink is a name we haven't heard in what seems like eons.  With all the excitement around Euro 2016, Silly Season, and of course Antonio Conte, that's perhaps understandable.

Last time we did hear from the outgoing interim manager, Hiddink was hinting at staying on with Chelsea in some sort of backroom staff capacity, possibly to help with youth and loanee development.  That sounds fairly unexciting to me, and perhaps it does to him as well.

"If I can make a contribution, I will be happy to do so. Russia sit in a particularly complicated situation, not only in the sporting arena but also in terms of their image. Sport can help them, although it is perhaps my idealistic thinking, to project a better image out to the world."

-Guus Hiddink; source: NOS via ESPN

Earlier this week, the Russian national team concluded a rather disastrous showing at the European Championships with a 3-0 loss to Wales.  While head coach Leonid Slutsky technically remains in charge, he's already stated his intent to resign soon.  It is into this vacuum that Hiddink, who was in charge of Russia from 2006-2010, has offered to step in.

Another interim rescue job then for the twice-Chelsea and soon perhaps twice-Russia manager?