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Men in Blazers live: Asmir Begovic talks Chelsea, MLS, and Canada's greatest national treasure, Nickelback

Bosnian-Canadian goalkeeping stud Asmir Begović always makes for a good interview subject and his appearance on the Men in Blazers LIVE Q&A earlier today was no exception.

Unfortunately, much to my frustration, I cannot figure out how to embed the video (there's usually an option to do so, but that's missing in this case), so you'll have to click over to Facebook to watch it there.  It's about 30 minutes, which is almost an eternity in Internet minutes, but it's well worth your time.

Begovic may have been born in Bosnia (whom he also represents at the international level), but he grew up in Canada, and so, as most Canadians are required by law, he has to choose between hockey or curling and between Nickelback or Creed.  And the answer is... basketball.  And Nickelback!

Look at this photograph, Asmir!  Look at it!

In addition to playing some role in the NBA Draft (which starts tonight), Begovic was also in New York to take part in Suns legend Steve Nash's charity soccer tournament (alongside the one and only Salomon Kalou).  And he also stopped by for a quick chat with Chelsea Fans Channel and their microphone that needs to be turned down a bit.

But back to the Men in Blazers interview.

On the issues of last season...

[It was] a little bit of everything.  Even looking back, it's impossible to put it on one thing, because then you would have fixed it.  Maybe the bad start to the season, and then things just pile up with a lack of confidence and things not going your way.  And guys make wrong decisions, then refereeing decisions go against us and you get a couple injuries...

[The biggest lesson we learned is] that first and foremost we have to get off to a good start [next season] and build our confidence from there.

On picking himself on FIFA...

I do pick myself -- of course, you have to back yourself -- when I play with Chelsea.  [My rating is] 82; it's my highest ever, but of course a few extra points here or there wouldn't go amiss.  But 82 is pretty solid ... I'm good value for money!

On MLS...

I can see it in my future, yes.  There you go, BREAKING NEWS!  The MLS is attractive, definitely.  [...] if the opportunity comes up.

Begovic also talks about being a good teammate (fight to be a starter in training, support each other during matches), saving penalties (study and luck), scapegoating goalkeepers ("I don't know where this whole near-post thing started!"), having football-free dreams, and meeting his future wife in a bar fight.

Click here to watch the interview.

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