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Pedro clarifies his comments about 'shock Barcelona return'

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Chelsea attacking midfielder Pedro, who spent over a decade at Barcelona before moving to Stamford Bridge last summer to look for more consistent playing time, generated a bit of a fuss as he declared his continuing love for his former club as well as the desire to eventually return to Camp Nou. His quotes were quickly spun by the English media into foolish headlines such as "Pedro wants shock Barcelona return after just one season at Chelsea" from the Daily Mail.

Since that wasn't what he meant, Pedro has sought to clarify his comments in a subsequent interview with Spanish radio RAC1.

"If you ask me if I'd go back, the answer is clear because they're a great club with great players and fans who appreciate me. I've always said that I'd like to retire at Barça, but I know it's very difficult, almost impossible."

"Admittedly it seemed like I was going back this summer [in my comments], but I have a contract with Chelsea, I've only been there for a year and it'd be very difficult for [a return] to happen. [On talking with President Josep Maria Bartomeu], we talked about the team, not me."

"When I left, he told me that the doors of the club would always be open, and I said that was very important for me because [Barça] are a club that I can feel. It's where I grew up and was happy."

-Pedro; Source: RAC1 via Football Espana

While these comments could be spun just the same, it seems pretty clear that Pedro isn't leaving Chelsea just yet.  In his ideal world of course he'd be back at Barcelona and playing every minute of every game, but that's not reality.  Reality is that he has a much better chance of getting minutes at Chelsea, which is exactly why he joined in the first place.

Pedro will probably never detach himself from Barça but that shouldn't impede him — he's a professional, after all — from making history and accumulating memories just as fond at Chelsea. Preferably starting next season.

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