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WATCH: Every goal Eden Hazard has scored for Chelsea so far

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While it was a difficult season for Eden Hazard, it was encouraging to see him end it on a hot streak. With four goals in his final five matches of the campaign, he gave Chelsea fans hope that his season-long struggles were an aberration. We finally got a glimpse of the old Hazard in those five matches. Taking defenders on with no hesitation, making incisive and dynamic off-the-ball runs, and combining with his teammates. He was back.

Hopefully we see more of that Hazard and less of the guy who went a full year without scoring from the run of play. Sometimes it's easy to forget during a tough season just how much Hazard has accomplished during his five years at the club. A youtube user has created a video of all 55 goals the Belgian has scored during his Chelsea career to help us relive those magical moments that made Hazard one of the most respected players in the world. Here's to hoping he can regain and sustain that form and status once again.