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WATCH: BBC hype video for Antonio Conte ahead of win against Belgium

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Palpable excitement.

If you've been following along, most of the quotes featured in the video above will be familiar.

We already knew that one of the first English words Conte learned was "to fight". We knew that his former boss and former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti holds him in very high regard. We knew that he lives every moment on the pitch with his players even though he's limited to the technical area on the sideline. We knew that he's fully concentrated on getting Italy, universally regarded as the least talented Italian side in ages, as far as he possibly can at Euro 2016, and that he'll do that through teamwork and tactics and determination and blood and sweat and cunning and smarts and whatever else it takes.

But hearing all that once again, set to a bit of "Ecstacy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone just makes it all the more awesome. In the wild wild west of the Premier League, with Chelsea searching for the elusive prize, Conte might just hold the key.

(h/t: bluJ6)