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Today in OMG DID YOU SEE THAT BUY BUY BUY: Ajax's Arkadiusz Milik!

That star of Day 3 at Euro 2016.

It wasn't exactly wall-to-wall excitement on Sunday at the Euros, but as Richard D. James once said, the milk man delivers when you're yawning.  Though I don't know if they call young Arkadiusz the Milkman.  They definitely should.

Northern Ireland's defense is terrified as if Milik were on fire.

Everyone expected Poland captain Robert Lewandowski to provide the telling contribution as Michael O'Neil's men sat back and parked every bus they could find, but instead it was the 22-year-old latest gem from Ajax Amsterdam's pipeline of talent.  Credit to Kuba for the pass of course and to Lewandowski for drawing the entire backline away, but Milik still needed to supply the finish, just as he had over 20 times in the Eredivisie this past season.

Milik isn't an Ajax academy product — he's only been at the club for two seasons, having come up in the youth systems of a few teams in his home region of Silesia in Poland — but with the coaching setup in place, he's been developing in leaps and bounds.  It doesn't get much better than getting to work with Dennis Bergkamp on how to be an all-around amazing player.

Judging by the comments, the Milik bandwagon (the Milik-cart?) is offering free fares, in-seat entertainment and free sandwiches, so jump on while you still can.  This thing may be moving fast.

Prior performance in the Eredivisie is no foolproof indicator of future success — for every Ronaldo or Suarez or Ibrahimovic there are two or three Kezmans and Afonso Alveses — but the self-confessed Manchester United fan is one of the hottest players in the league at the moment and thus many are interested.  Ajax paid a little over €2m for Milik; rumors linking him with Leicester City, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool, and plenty others outside of England such as Sevilla mention prices about four or five or ten times that.  Chelsea are yet to be even tenuously linked, but if the "New Van Nistelrooy" turns out to be half as good wherever he lands as he's been in the Eredivisie, €10-20m will be a pure bargain.

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