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First official FIFA 17 gameplay trailer has several ties to Chelsea

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Today at the first ever EA Play news conferences in Los Angeles and London, the first official gameplay trailer for EA Sports' FIFA 17 was released. The first thing you notice when the trailer begins is the voice of former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho giving us(?) a pep talk about a new season starting.

Apparently this year, instead of Lionel Messi being the posterboy for the game, they have picked four new players to act as spokesmen for FIFA 17. Included in that quartet is Chelsea star Eden Hazard. Joining him is Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus, Real Madrid's James Rodriguez, and Manchester United's Anthony Martial. One of the first shots of the trailer is a virtual Hazard sitting in the dressing room getting ready for a match.

Showing off the power of the new Frostbite engine that will power this year's game, we get a glimpse of what Stamford Bridge will look like in the game. It's absolutely stunning from the short sequence we get to see.

This year will also see managers incorporated into the game. All 20 Premier League managers will appear in FIFA 17. Here's a shot of Mourinho embracing a United player. A startling image that will become a reality soon enough.

This year's edition of FIFA seems promising with a new engine and a brand new NBA 2K-esque story mode called 'The Journey' that will allow you to take over a player and bring them from the youth team to the top of the world. It also promises more innovation for attackers in front of goal, a revamped AI, and an overhauled set piece system.

The game releases on September 29th. Are you excited for FIFA 17? Let us know in the comment section.