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Danny Rose apologises for post-match fracas at Stamford Bridge

"If it looked bad on TV." LOL.

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Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Following Chelsea's heroic 2-2 draw against Tottenham Hotspur, which extended the visitors' run of futility at Stamford Bridge to 29 games in all competitions, some ugly scenes took over the pitch as players and staff of both clubs got involved in a fracas just outside the players' tunnel. Tottenham left back Danny Rose was central to it, just as he was to several earlier incidents, and this morning, he apologised for his role in it.

"It is not nice to see for kids here or kids watching on TV, I apologise if it looked bad on TV. It is a London derby. It is to be expected. We wanted to win and they wanted to stop us having any more say in the title race. There are no bad words to say about Chelsea. These are the games you want to be part of. It was a great game."

Think of the children!  Won't someone please think of the children!?

"I couldn't tell you what happened, it was just handbags being thrown. I saw the Chelsea manager fell on the floor. I hope he is all right. People were saying from the bench that he conducted himself like a true gentleman throughout the whole game. He did not want any trouble to be started."

-Danny Rose; Source: BBC

The highly contested match which finished with 9 yellow cards for Tottenham and 3 for Chelsea handed Leicester City their first Premier League title. It has also given The FA lots of work to do as many of the incidents will surely be investigated, even though both sides have tried their utmost to play down what happened.

"I think [the FA should take the emotion of the evening into account]. We came in afterwards and everyone's emotions soon settled down. As far as we were concerned, when the final whistle went that was the end of it."

"You're talking to the wrong person really because I thought the game was terrific. When there is so much at stake you cannot expect players to roll over. We're all competitive, that's the way it is. People should enjoy the game for what it was."


"The game was fantastic - it was played at an unbelievable pace. It was the fastest game I have played in a long time. People will be talking about the tackles flying, but there was so much quality out there as well. I loved playing in it."

"It was a proper game, a real local derby. There was a lot at stake, especially for them. And we knew what it meant to our fans as well. You could feel the atmosphere building beforehand. In even in the dressing room you got a sense of it. I think because of that we were all buzzing to get out there and get going. Sure it boiled over at times, but that's because there was so much at stake."

-Gary Cahill; source: Telegraph

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