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Watch: Spurs' reckless tackles against Chelsea should keep The FA busy for a while

Depending on your age and sensibilities, you could perhaps view these tackles and other incidents as "proper old school", a throwback to the days when dangerous and rash challenges (and the associated injuries) were just an everyday part of football and cross-town rivalries were punctuated by scuffles not just on the pitch, but in the stands, and on the streets and in the bars and wherever else opposing sets of fans ran into each other.

Or you could view it as how The FA are likely to view it: fodder for retroactive punishment and a shining example of what happens when a referee is too lenient and lets the game get well out of hand. Last time I remember something like this happening was the Portugal vs. Netherlands Round of 16 match at the 2006 World Cup, also known as the Battle of Nuremberg. The referee that day handed out four (4) reds and sixteen (16) yellows. Clattenburg's 12 yellows pale in comparison, but that's only because of his aforementioned drastic leniency.

The compilation even misses at least two incidents: the Lamela "stamp" (stand? trod?) on Fabregas's hand, and a reckless challenge from behind by Harry Kane.

There was already a Battle of Stamford Bridge, back in 1066, so that name is already taken. One thing's for sure, next time these two meet, next season, we will be in for some more fireworks.

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