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Young Chelsea goalkeeper's future in doubt after suspected drinking and driving in Sweden

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It's something that happens far too often, and not just in the world of professional athletes but in the "real world" as well.  Whether it's drunk driving, "buzzed" driving, driving under the influence, drinking and driving, driving impaired... regardless of the terms used it's a stupid decision.  Unfortunately, it would appear that 22-year-old Chelsea goalkeeper Jamal Blackman has made a stupid decision over the weekend.

"...early Sunday morning, Blackman was stopped in his car by police. He had been drinking and was over the legal limit according to Swedish law. His future is now being discussed between the two clubs, Östersund and Chelsea."

-source: OP

Blackman, third and fourth-choice goalkeeper at Chelsea seemingly forever, has been on loan at Ostersunds FK and, outside of last weekend when they lost 5-0, doing really well in the Swedish top flight.  This incident however has not left a good impression.

"It is an understatement to say that I am disappointed and very angry."

-Daniel Kindberg, Ostersund chairman; source: OP

According to some reports, Blackman was "not aware" of the rules in Sweden.  While Sweden does have stricter laws than the UK, this is hardly an excuse.  Especially when it might turn out to be a career- or even life-altering event.  Call a taxi.

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