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The Daily Hilario: Jose Mourinho's Manchester United contract details

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It's Monday and the football world is back in business after ALL the Cup finals this past weekend.  Manchester United may have won their first FA Cup in over a decade, but that's not going to be enough to save Van Gaal's job and the inevitable and the expected is about to occur in the next 24-48 hours.  Given the numbers thrown out by the Daily Mail, there's plenty of desperation on both sides.

Apparently, United paid Mourinho £4m just to stay away from other jobs (PSG, Real Madrid) while they figured if and when and how to pull the trapdoor out from underneath LVG.  As it turns out, Jorge Mendes beat them to the punch and leaked the story after the FA Cup anyway (which then LVG's wife read on the BBC's website and showed to him, if you believe the tabloids).

Jose's contract looks to be a healthy 50% higher than at Chelsea, £15m instead of £10m (the latter of which he was still collecting as severance) and five years instead of an initial four.  And he's about to be given a £200m war-chest.  Gotta love a good war-chest.  May he spend it better than LVG did his £250m one.  Or, actually, may he spend it on more Falcaos and Eto'os and other such assorted nonsense.

Sorry, Jose.  We can't be friends again for a while.


In related news, Dani Taylor, as he's wont to do, has a fun read on LVG's tenure and final days at United.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
16.15:  Toulon Tournament:  Japan U21 vs. Portugal U21
18.45:  Toulon Tournament:  England U21 vs. Guinea U21
19.30:  Bundesliga, pro/rel playoff, 2nd leg:  Nürnberg vs. Eintracht Frankfurt (1-1 agg.)

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