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Romelu Lukaku teases transfer decision, Chelsea return

There's never been a microphone that Romelu Lukaku hasn't passed up, though in fairness, these quotes come from a press conference for the Belgian national team.  And it's important to keep in mind that players are asked leading questions on purpose, as journalists look for the latest quip or soundbite to make for a good headline.  This isn't Eden Hazard toying with the heartstrings of Europe on 2012 Twitter, at least not yet.

No, Lukaku's only toying with your heartstrings if you want him to come back to Chelsea.

What does this all mean?  We'll see.  Is he leaving Everton?  We'll see.  (But probably yes.)  Is this at all surprising?  We'll see.  (But probably no.)  Is he coming to Chelsea?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Despite the teasing and the potentially resurrected dreams of Lukaku leading the line at Chelsea, his price tag remains astronomical especially when considering Chelsea's actual needs at the position, which, if Diego Costa is staying, are anything but.  £60m probably better spent elsewhere in the squad, but things aren't always that logical in transfer season.

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