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Chelsea open talks with Everton over high-priced young star

Hello. It's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet to go over everything. They say that time's supposed to heal.

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Reports from Belgium this morning are claiming that Chelsea have "opened talks" with Everton over a certain Romelu Lukaku (and maybe John Stones, too?).  It's nothing too serious at the moment, as opening moves tend to go, just an inquiry.  Contact had been made.  Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed.  Or the Kraken, to trot that old nickname for the recently turned 23-year-old big man who's had Chelsea in his heart since a young age.

Since leaving Chelsea for Everton two-three years ago (depending on how you count that first year on loan), all Lukaku's done is maintain a cool 1-in-2 goal ratio, which is fairly legit as far as center forwards go.  While he's never scored for Chelsea in a dozen or so appearances, he has 60 Premier League goals to his name, reaching double digits in each of the last four seasons.  Only Sergio Aguero can claim better numbers.

Unfortunately for Lukaku, Everton themselves haven't been able to match his personal successes.  This season has been especially disappointing, and with Roberto Martinez sacked, changes could be on the horizon.  Of course, it'll take plenty of cash, £60-65m at last check, and the center forward position should not be anywhere near the top of priority list for squad improvements - as long as Diego Costa stays put, that is - but if Chelsea are serious about this, there's probably a deal to be had.

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