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It's been four years since the best team won in Munich, and this video's a great way to relive it

The greatest use of a selfie stick ever.

It's a day that will forever live in the hearts and minds of Chelsea fans, and one we can always return to in dark times. The shared experience of May 19th, 2012 resonates even a bit stronger this year than most that have come since, with Chelsea's atrocious domestic and European campaigns over the past 10 months dredging up sweet memories in even greater heaps than usual.

I'm not huge on nostalgia, personally, and we've all seen the usual videos about Chelsea's Champions League victory far too many times to count by now. The images in the stadium and on TV, the commentary from Martin Tyler and Gary Neville, the post-match delirium on the pitch and in the stands, the John Terry memes, the confusingly awkward trophy lift -- these are all part of Chelsea lore that will not be forgotten by generations of fans. I don't think anyone needs to be reminded of them.

But then along comes a video like this one, probably the best vlog-style video I've ever seen of The Most Famous Night in Chelsea History. It's new to me, and judging by the view count, probably new to you as well. And while Alex and his friend's personal experiences in Munich are unique, they are the same as mine and yours and everyone else's wherever they may have been. We're united through these emotions, through these players, through these images, through Chelsea Football Club.

Four years ago, Chelsea won the European Cup.

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