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Nemanja Matic confident Eden Hazard will 'get Chelsea back to the top'

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

There have been several confirmed sightings of 2014-15 Eden Hazard recently, ever since he returned to action from injury back in April. Whispers of "Hazard is back!" echoes amidst the masses as the 25-year-old has now tallied four goals in four matches.  To say it louder would risk it not being true.

Hopes are that Hazard will be able to carry on this form into next season.  But Nemanja Matic, who's disappointed even more than Hazard this season, isn't just hoping, he's sure.

"I have said it many times, Eden is our best player. I'm sure he will be a very important player for Chelsea next season. Can he get Chelsea back to the top playing like he is right now? Of course. He is in a good moment now and can always decide games."

"It's difficult when the team is losing to say that anyone plays good. But like everyone, Eden always tries to give his best. I'm sure next season he will be better."

"It is very difficult to control him. I know that from playing against him in training. You could see against Liverpool that the only way they could stop him was by picking up yellow cards. He is a special player."

"Little by little, Eden's got his shape and you can see what he's able to. He's gifted. He's smart. He can play one on one wherever on the pitch. He's playing with courage. He's receiving a lot of physical contact but, nevertheless, he goes on. He's physically and mentally fit and it's a pleasure to see those players."

-Nemanja Matic; source: Evening Standard

When on top shape in fitness and confidence, Hazard is almost unstoppable. If that Hazard returns next season to pick apart opposing defenses, Chelsea will be back to where we should have never left as well.

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