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Liverpool vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

Chelsea lead thanks to Eden Hazard.

In between Chelsea not caring and Liverpool not really trying, there hasn't been much of note that's happened in the first 45 minutes.

Fortunately, there is Eden Hazard and Eden Hazard is trying very hard to be Eden Hazard once again.  A bit late for this season, but certainly giving plenty of hope for the next.  An absolutely sublime individual effort now makes it four goals in his last four games.

Things do look scary in the back for Chelsea, as expected, and the midfield is allowing Liverpool plenty of time and space to take potshots from Coutinho-range, but so far, it's working.  Not that the result really matters but it's working.  Traore, getting the start ahead of Pato, almost made it two in fact, but he slipped with the top corner of the goal waiting for the ball to be deposited.

So, just like in the first meeting, it's, surprisingly, Chelsea in the lead. While it would be nice to hang on to the lead this time (and we already managed to do without a late first-half equalizer from Coutinho), the real hope is that some of the youngsters off the bench can get some playing time.

Let's go.

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