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John Terry remains hopeful of new Chelsea contract

Understandably, the main emphasis of John Terry's appearance on Soccer AM's "Boot Room" segment was to talk, you guessed it, boots!

It's well worth your time to watch the short, 6-minute video, where the Chelsea captain tells stories that we've heard before (such as cleaning Wisey's boots and how the youth players had responsibilities extending beyond just playing and training), some that we haven't (such as wearing three new pairs of boots per game — which does explain how he manages to give so many of them away to fans and charities), and some that might take you back to your own childhood (such as trying to get the tongue on your adidas boots to stay down).

At the end, the interviewer does ask about the future and JT reiterates that he's not quite ready to retire just yet.

"I've got a couple of years left. Definitely I intend to keep playing, hopefully that's at Chelsea, but if not it will be somewhere else. I am definitely feeling good physically and I intend to play as long as I can. As a professional footballer you're a long time retired, so I think not only for myself but for all of us we should get the most out of it and enjoy it while it's there."

-John Terry; source: Sky

There's been very little noise around Terry's expiring contract after he himself tried to start a public conversation about it back in the winter. Since no new deal has been worked out, it would appear very likely that he's about to play his final few games for Chelsea, including, hopefully, Monday's big derby against Spurs.

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