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View from the enemy: If Eric Dier is cleared to play, Spurs will end winless streak against Chelsea

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Ahead of Monday's big game, I chatted briefly with 'GN Punk' of Cartilage Free Captain about Spurs' season, Pochettino's prospects, and the Dele Alli - Eric Dier bromance.  Be sure to check out the reverse version of this over at the best Spurs blog in the universe.


WAGNH: Spurs this season: missed opportunity or just dress rehearsal for next season's title win?

CFC: I think it's a combination of the two, to be honest. This season, the stars had aligned with all of the usual suspects falling on hard times. Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City; all of the clubs you expect to see taking up the Top Four have had their issues this season. I'd give anything to roll back the calendar to the first four matches where Spurs were having issues getting out of the gate and turn those matches around. But it is what it is: Spurs are playing football at a high level and numerous managers have said they were the toughest opponent. Nobody in the Starting XI is expected to leave this summer now that Pochettino has committed to the club, and with Champions League football coming back to White Hart Lane, it means strengthening the squad and adding depth. We're all disappointed that the opportunity to win the title is all but done, but we're realists as well. None of us at Carty Free picked Spurs to finish in the Top Four, so this season is still a rousing success.

Can Pochettino truly become Spurs' Sir Alex Ferguson?

In terms of length of tenure, I doubt it. Ferguson was at United for 27 years and while Pochettino has put a blocker in the revolving door of managers at White Hart Lane for the time being, I never expect a manager to even be at any club for half as long in this era of football. In terms of success, Bill Nicholson has easily had the most success at the club, winning 11 trophies in 16 seasons at the helm. Poch COULD have won his first with the club last year, but we won't go into that too much...

In regards to success, it all depends on how long he hangs around. He's righted the ship after a tyrannical stint with Tim Sherwood where everyone seemed on the verge of mutiny. He also just announced he's verbally agreed to an extension through 2021, which means that his core of players aren't suddenly going to pack their bags and leave, specifically guys like Christian Eriksen who all but said that if Poch stays, they stay. We know he holds the PSG spot in high regard, but for now we're enjoying the fact that we are not worried about the man in charge as he has the players' respect as well as the supporters.

Who will score the winning goal in the Euro 2016 final, Kane or Vardy?

Knowing Roy Hodgson, neither one of them will be on the pitch for the final and he'll play Rooney up top even after all that's happened. If he actually pays attention, Kane will obviously be the man to lead England to glory.

If AVB had to choose between returning to Chelsea or returning to Spurs, which would he go with and why?

Probably Spurs, just for the fact that we didn't exactly chase him out with pitchforks and burning torches. He won the matches that he should have won but had a problem getting over the hump when it mattered the most and it ultimately cost him his job. I don't think it matters too much, though: He'll be rally racing here soon enough.

Have you guys bottled the Alli-Dier bromance yet for sale in the club shop?

They're just the best, aren't they? I think the only reason the club shop hasn't done it yet is because it only gets stronger with each passing day and, eventually, that level of bromance is dangerous to a normal human being.

If Spurs win on Monday, how do you think Gary Lineker will celebrate?

He'll probably still be celebrating in Leicester if they've won the title before Monday's match, but Gary still has a special place with the club. I would imagine he'll drop every mention possible that Tottenham are in the Champions League on BBC, Sky Sports, and Match of the Day while grinning ear to ear that the two clubs he has the biggest history with have completed two of their best seasons.

Scoreline prediction?

Well, it's Stamford Bridge. We've had practically zero luck there. However, if there was ever a Spurs side to break that 24 match winless streak, this is the squad to do it. If Eric Dier is cleared to play, I think Spurs win. He's a match day decision as it stands, so I'll play it safe and say a 2-2 draw.

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