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Chelsea, Roma enter talks over midfield saviour

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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

He's not Paul Pogba or Arturo Vidal, but Radja Nainggolan could be the next best thing.  The £35m (€43m)-rated AS Roma and Belgium midfielder is certainly one of the best at his position in Europe and it's easy to envision him fitting wonderfully in to a typical Antonio Conte setup.

While Chelsea and Roma have been linked on several fronts -- Miralem Pjanic, Kostas Manolas, and perhaps even some lingering negotiations over Mohamed Salah are all possible topics of conversation -- reports are convinced that Walter Sabatini's presence in London is mostly in order to talk Nainggolan.  Sabatini himself had been linked to a Chelsea job, too, but he played that possibility down recently.

That's clearly Sabatini in front of some doors emblazoned with the Chelsea badge, I'll give them that.  Supposedly a certain Ramy Abbas was present as well (not sure if that's him with his back turned in the picture) -- he's Salah's agent and represent Nainggoaln as well, according to Di Marzio's report.

The game's afoot!