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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

I realize I'm late to the party with this joke, but it's the obvious one so ... yeah.  Deal with it.  There's Pjanic on the streets of London!

This is a TuttoMercatoWeb 'ESCLUSIVA' so you know it's gotta be true!  (Some tiny percent of the time, it's true every time.)

In fairness, about 24 hours prior, it was another man on a flight from Italy who had landed in London who ended up signing on the dotted line with Chelsea, but while the Conte rumors had been going on for a couple months already, the Miralem Pjanic rumors are nowhere near as developed just yet.  Though I suppose they could become thusly developed, if this is indeed a first, second, or third step.  We already had heard of a €40m buyout clause, for example.

If Pjanic hits, could life ever be the same again?  Hopes may rise on the Bridge, but honey pie, you're not safe here.  For this is bat country Silly Season.  The references are out of control!  Just don't hang the DJ.  Please.

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