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Conte's Chelsea contract details, backroom staff members revealed ahead of today's expected signing

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Today is the day!  Maybe.  Probably?  Certainly everybody in Italy seems to thing so, starting with Gianluca Di Marzio, whom we tend to inherently trust above all others when it comes to transfer rumors.

With Conte supposedly already in London and ready to sign on the dotted line to become Chelsea's newest manager, the papers have moved on to revealing the details of said contract.  Where they're getting this information is anyone's guess, though some of these numbers and names have been floating around for just about as long as Conte's been linked with the summer vacancy in the Chelsea dugout.

Conte was spotted in London and is due to meet with Chelsea officials on Monday in order to put pen to paper on a contract. He is expected to sign a three-year deal until 2019, which will see him earn €6.5 million per season.

Along with him will come members of his coaching staff including brother Gianluca, who works with the Italian on tactics. Angelo Alessio, Massimo Carrera, Mauro Sandreani and fitness coach Paolo Bertelli.

-source: Gazzetta World

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the full three-year commitment is €20m, so the deal could be slightly backloaded.  Either way, it represents about half of what we were paying Mourinho (~£10m/year).

As far as the names of the backroom staff, they have all been linked with following Conte to Chelsea before — at one point, up to ten names were linked!  Alessio and Carrera have worked with Conte since 2010, while brother Gianluca has been with him (in a professional sense) even before then.  Sandreani, as do all the others, also works with the Italian national team, though some sources seem to think he's mostly in a sort of (opposition?) scouting role.  Bertelli is the fitness guy.

It's unclear what will happen to the current Chelsea coaches and assistants, though previous rumors seemed to indicate that Holland, Lollichon, and Chris Jones would be staying for sure.  I suppose we'll see.

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