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Dr Bonar denies allegations the he administered performance enhancing treatments to Premier League players

Former Chelsea fitness coach Rob Brinded follows suit a few hours later as well.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

As if the whole Sunday Times doping report wasn't shady and shaky enough already, the doctor whose word seems to be the sole source for this budding controversy has come out on Twitter to deny any and all allegations, calling the report "false and very misleading."

Note the carefully worded denials that don't necessarily rule out the possibility of treating various Premier League players at least once or twice.  How do you define a "relationship", Mr. Clinton?  Did he prescribe Androgen therapy for some other purpose?

What a lucky coincidence; now I don't have "low Test levels" AND I get to perform better on the pitch!  Thanks, Doc!  But remember, you never met me.

It's doubtful that Dr Bonar's flaccid defense will be enough to exonerate him (or his clients) if and when this case eventually gets investigated by UKAD or whoever the proper authorities may be in this case.

It should be noted that no specific player names have been released by the Times (only the four team names: Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester City, Birmingham City, all of whom strongly denied the allegations).  As pointed out before, this whole thing is on very shaky ground, and the Times won't be taking that next step without first verifying some of these claims.  Which they haven't been able to do so.  So if you see things on Twitter about specific names, they're most likely just some ITK BS.


UPDATE: The former Chelsea fitness coach supposedly involved in all this has released a statement denying all allegations as well.  Certain lawyers have had a busy weekend.

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