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Guus Hiddink reinforces Chelsea's commitment to win every game left in the season

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With only four games left this season and nothing to actually play for, there's a high risk that the Chelsae squad might not have the motivation to end things on a high note.  Last time out at Stamford Bridge, we saw that lack of impetus play out in horrific detail against Manchester City, as the visitors ran rampant in a 3-0 win.

Hiddink recently hinted at how many players' minds could be on the summer already, be that the rest and relaxation of the off-season or their international commitments at Euro 2016, Copa America Centenario, or the Rio Olympics, but he now claims that's not the case and everyone's fully committed to these final few meaningless games.

"I cannot give a guarantee over the result but I can give guarantees that the effort will be there. It's not the attitude of the club, me or the players that the games aren't important any more. It means that we want to win the next game, which is Spurs, but then we have massive games against Sunderland, Liverpool and Leicester."

"I demand, but the players don't need [to be told] that they have to perform for the rest of the season. We are always under scrutiny and in the limelight. It's not extra scrutiny. If you see the last training sessions, I can't complain. We will play for the win which is normal. There is no need for extra scrutiny because we want to fulfil our obligations now and in the upcoming games."

As U18 head coach Joe Edwards said about our youth successes, the proof will be in the pudding.  Based on the first-team's previous results this season, this may not be very tasty pudding.

"We always start our home games enthusiastically and we want to score in one or two minutes, but we have been caught on the counter attack. In our away games we have had a bit more in control and the games were less open. At home we had very open games, which means something about the attitude and how we want the first goal. Sometimes we have left open spaces, which is less than we do away."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Evening Standard

We have grown accustomed to the concept of Stamford Bridge being a "fortress" but this season that's hardly been the case.  Chelsea have recorded just 5 wins in 17 league games at home (+2 goal difference), and only one under Hiddink's guidance, the 5-1 trouncing of Newcastle United back in February. Meanwhile, Chelsea have 7 away wins and a +5 goal difference.  Ridiculous numbers.

A win against Spurs on Monday won't make the pain of this season go away, but it could at least make us feel good for a few moments.

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