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Pedro: None of us want to be part of the team that lose the 26-year unbeaten record against Spurs

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Recently de-mustachioed Pedro's first season at Stamford Bridge may have been disappointing overall, but he's finishing strong -- several standout performances as of late, including a Man of the Match performance against Aston Villa and four straight games where he's been voted into the top three in our player ratings -- and he's looking to continue that form in Monday's derby against Spurs.  Chelsea haven't lost to Spurs at Stamford Bridge since 1990.

"None of us want to be part of the team that lose the record and we are really concentrating on making sure we keep the run going."

Several Chelsea players have been painted as villains in the media for wanting to beat Spurs and help Leicester (led by a former Chelsea manager) to the title.  But alongside Fabregas and Hazard and of course John Terry, Pedro is cognizant of the history of the occasion and realizes what this game means to the fans.

"Is it another incentive that beating Spurs will stop them winning the League? Yes. But the most important thing for us is to win this match. The fact it could have an effect on the championship and be advantageous to Leicester is secondary. Leicester have played really well this season and deserve to be where they are."

"I realise this is a big big game for the Chelsea fans, the players. I know it is a really important derby in England and a match that is always played with a lot of passion and emotion."

For a man who grew up in the Barcelona - Real Madrid rivalry, this is certainly nothing new.  What is new is the lack of trophies this season.  That's something that he's looking forward to changing next season under new head coach Antonio Conte

"It's been very strange for me that I am not fighting for trophies this year. It is not something I'm used to. I have never been in this position before, people know about my past in Barcelona."

"But it is just a blip for Chelsea. It is the first time in many years that Chelsea have been in this situation."

"All of the players and the club in general are looking forward to changing what happened this year. We want to put the club back where it belongs.The same players will be here, plus a few signings, so we will certainly be able to challenge for more titles."

-Pedro; source: Evening Standard

So say we all.

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