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'Mascot cam 360' is the coolest thing Chelsea have ever done on YouTube

What is this sorcery!?

We often criticize Chelsea TV's efforts, especially in terms of innovation and providing actual content (rather than 30-second snippets) for their YouTube channel. Manchester City is obviously the gold standard in this field, but when even lower league teams on far more limited budgets do (free) fan engagement better than one of the biggest clubs in the world, something should change.

In fairness, things are changing... albeit very slowly. There are positive signs. 'Chelsea Unseen' made its return recently. Someone discovered the slo-mo button, too, which not only makes things look cooler and but magically turns 30 seconds of content into 2+ minutes of content! The free videos, in general, are getting ever so slightly longer. One day, we might even get rid of this Fan+ Plus Plus Plus paywall -- at least I sure hope so.

This mascot cam could just be the coolest thing ever done by Chelsea YouTube. (If you have a compatible browser), you should be able to not only watch as the team walk onto the Stamford Bridge pitch against Manchester City to the best entrance music in football, but control the camera and pan all around to you liking as the teams go through their handshakes. I see you, Samir Nasri's awful hair.

Very cool, indeed.

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