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Fabregas: 'It was hard, those two or three months from November, when I had no confidence'

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When Cesc Fabregas was just a young boy, he was playing with a friend in his parents' mansion's back yard and fell through a poorly covered disused well.  There was no water in the thing anymore thanks to the large underground cavern that it led to, but that also meant that it was full of bats.  Young Cesc was a bit scared of these bats, but they would serve him well later in life.

Eventually, the boy was pulled out of the hole by his father, who gave him a few bits of worldly advice about falling and getting back up.  Old Cesc, now a professional football player and speaking at the launch of Puma's new boots, relayed his father's advice, which has proven useful considering the massive, gaping hole of crap that Chelsea, as a whole, have fallen into this season.

"Most importantly, It isn't how you get [knocked] down, it's how you get back up. I can be better now."

Or maybe he's just a big fan of Chumbawamba?

In any case, Cesc "the hero that we deserve but maybe don't need?" Fabregas opened up about his roughest period of the season, which, not surprisingly, coincided with the final few days of Mourinho.  The Special One had built the team around the Costa-Fabregas axis (with the surgical Hazard orbiting for maximum effectiveness) and the sudden, drastic failure of this (as it turned out, very short-term) plan, alongside Matic's disappearance and the rest of the defense's utter incompetence, was a key reason for how things turned out this year.

"One time after a game, after Bournemouth, I was in bed and I spoke to my wife. I forgot how to play football, I have the ball and I don't know what to do with it. It was hard, those two or three months from November, when I had no confidence."

There is temporary loss of form, or even a longer-term Torresian loss of form, and then there is forgetting how to play football.  Is it any wonder that Chelsea had managed to put together the most pathetic title-defense ever seen in the Premier League?

But, what's done is done and we try to move on and move forward.  Some players have rediscovered a bit of form under Hiddink before the realization that there's nothing left to fight for at all this season set in a couple weeks ago.

"Everything has changed in the last few months, I'm playing very well..."

-Cesc Fabregas; source: Goal

Sports scientists and psychologists may yet figure out one day just what exactly went wrong for us this season.  Until then, we just have to hope for better days.  In the meantime, here's a cool Puma promo starring Fabregas, Aguero, Verratti, and others.

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