Loftus-Cheek individual highlights against Manchester City show just how far he's come

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

ed. note: Hiddink says RLC is developing "rather okay". Here's a great visual comparison of how far he's come in the last 11 months. Amazing what can happen with even semi-regular playing time. Five games left; let's see five more starts for the young man.


The multiple unnecessary steps before a touch or a pass. The hesitation in every decision. The Bambi-leggedness in his strides.

Compared to:

Showcasing his blossoming situational awareness through the runs he made

and the touches he'd take.

He's really come a long way, hasn't he?

When was the last time we saw one of our younger players go from very raw to premier-league quality?* Loftus-Cheek didn't look out of place at all in the game today. He needs more of that which has been almost unobtainable for many of those who have come before him *cough* Chalobah *cough*. He needs game-time.

*I was 10 when Terry was coming through and the first time I watched him play we lost 5-1 to Spurs. Crazy how things work out, ey?

Today (Saturday) was not the best as a Chelsea fan. Losing 3-0 at home does that to you. However, the corner young Ruben seemed to turn today could become an unwontedly joyful page, in the desperately depressing chapter, that is our season.

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