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Chelsea 0-3 Manchester City, Premier League: Post-match reaction

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Chelsea's players looked like they cared about Saturday's match against Manchester City about as much as the bulk of their fanbase did, which in truth, was very little. Predictably, the Blues looked mostly terrible against a City side with something left to play for, and were probably fortunate that the final score was as close as it was.

Fortunately, there's now just five matches remaining in this most miserable of seasons. Unfortunately, those five matches include at least two more against sides with something to play for, and could lead to several more performances like this one. Here are a few random thoughts for you to read while I go find myself a beer:

  • Manchester City deserve to be relegated just for allowing Samir Nasri to take the pitch with that hairdo. Yikes.
  • Chelsea's squad is ridiculously slow. When Kevin De Bruyne is one of the faster players on the pitch, that's a problem.
  • It must be nice being an opposing striker playing against Gary Cahill, who seems to play everyone onside just on general principle, and left Thibaut Courtois one on one with Fernandinho at the end of the match. Asmir Begovic ought to send him a thank you card, though, as Courtois will now be suspended as a result.
  • It was nice to see Guus Hiddink bring on Kenedy and Bertrand Traore with more than 20 minutes left to play, just to give them a somewhat adequate chance to make an impact. I really don't care if we get another point this season, as long as we give some youngsters plenty of time on the pitch to adapt to the Premier League.
  • If I'm the Chelsea board, one of the things I'm prioritizing this summer is finding a player that can deliver a decent corner. We used to be good on set pieces.

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