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Chelsea declare today Branislav Ivanović Appreciation Day

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Welcome to Branislav Ivanović Appreciation Day!

If there was justice in this world, this would be a national, if not worldwide holiday. But it's just a Chelsea holiday as far as I'm aware, though feel free to spread the word, talk to people, hang some banners, and celebrate the almighty Beardislav with all your friends and family.

Chelsea will celebrate the Vice-captain with a whole evening of programming on Chelsea TV — including a replay of the Napoli match at Stamford Bridge — but because this service is stuck in a previous century, you won't be able to watch it without signing up and paying the membership fee. The 2.5-minute promo video seen above is already more than the freeloading plebs normally deserve, right?

The "born in Serbia, made in Chelsea" quote comes from the big interview he did in January after signing his one-year contract extension. While there are tenuous rumors that might leave anyway, I'm fairly certain that ain't happening anytime soon. In fact, he'll probably be named captain next year, after Terry leaves.

In any case, enjoy the short video at the top and this fan-made compilation below, which remains the best Ivanović video on YouTube.

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