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Oscar: We played better than Swansea, but they won the game

A bit of nostalgia for the early season with Oscar's post-match interview following our 1-0 defeat to Swansea City.  We played "well" and "better" but on the scoresheet, it was the other team that came out on top.  As if needed another reminder that even though these games might not matter much anymore, it's still season 2015-16 for six more outings.  Saturday's result was a yet another typical Chelsea outcome for this campaign, even though our lineup was a fairly hodge-podge collection of regulars, backups, and youngsters.

"Difficult game.  The first half, they had one chance and they scored.  After, we had two-three chances to score, but the ball went wide of the goal.  We tried everything.  Today we played well, but they won the game."

"I think we played better, but they won the game."

-Oscar; source: Chelsea TV

Oscar, who was involved in most things good from Chelsea on the day, also praised the younger players who were involved in this game and have also been doing well in training, and talked briefly about his role as a more central, deeper-lying midfielder.  That's not something we've seen in several seasons, since about the time of Roberto Di Matteo.  We'll see if it was just a one-off or perhaps an experiment that will continue to the end of the season or maybe something that Conte and his propensity to play more people in midfield might consider.

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