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John Terry could miss the rest of the season as Chelsea future hangs in the balance

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Alex Morton/Getty Images

There are six games and five weeks left in Chelsea's season.  I'm pretty sure we're counting down the days until the end.  Potentially, quite possibly, there are six games and five weeks left in John Terry's Chelsea career, too.  I'm pretty sure we're counting down those days a bit less anticipatorily.

Terry is third on the all-time Chelsea appearances list with 701, but he's only made two in the last two months and could possibly not make another one before the end of the season.  A "minor" hamstring injury has now been followed up by an Achilles injury, which he apparently aggravated this past week in his bid to make a comeback.  Terry didn't even travel with the squad to Swansea and the Mirror's reporting that he's now out for "up to three weeks".  With the way muscle injuries tend to linger, it's not inconceivable that he could essentially be done for the rest of the season.

And of course that could very well mean that he's done for the rest of his Chelsea career.  While I have no doubt that unless he's literally unable to walk, he would make at least a token appearance before the end of the season, his days as an actual contributor may be done a few months before his contract actually expires.

Unless of course we sign him up for another year.  While there are some rumors that Conte would try to push a lifeline, the Board have seemed fairly adamant so far that no extension's coming for the Chelsea captain.