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Willian offers homemade, afro-friendly hat to David Luiz, but only if Chelsea beat PSG

Willian is special, he wears a special hat; David Luiz wants one, but he said no...

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Paris Saint-Germain are the enemy tonight, though at least one of their number, David Luiz, is a good friend to many at Chelsea, including Willian, whose mother apparently supplies her son and his friends with these very special, homemade hats that make it easy to deal with post-match big hair.

"I wear then a lot because they mean I don't have to sort my hair our after games."

Willian's mother was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and, as a consequence of her treatment, she's been unable to travel to see her son as often as they would've liked.  The hats have taken on even greater extra-special meaning since.

"The most important things is not that it is a famous brand. It is made by one of the most important women in my life, my mother. Wearing the hats is a way for me to feel connected to her. I can tell she is happy when she sees me wearing the hats and I will always do that."

But, David Luiz being David Luiz, managed to lose his hat and has now asked Willian for a replacement.  The Chelsea man is more than willing to gift another to Sideshow Dave ... but only as a consolation prize if Chelsea beat PSG tonight.

"If we lose he's not getting a hat. If we win I will give him whatever hat he wants."

-Willian; source: ESPN Brasil via Telegraph

So the question becomes, just how badly do you want that hat, Mr. David Luiz?

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